ISA Houston Section participated in the 60th annual awards ceremony on March 2, 2019 for the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston (SEFH) presented by Chevron at the Cullen Performance Hall at the University of Houston in Houston Texas.Over 37 Awarding Agencies gave prizes to students, but only ISA Houston gave prizes to students in automation.Mary Cannon  of the ISA Houston Section (not pictured) served as a judge and reviewed many projects during her over 8 hours of judging hundreds of entrants in person. She personally obtained the prizes, and identified the winners.The keynote speaker with Colonel Michael Fossum who flew 192 days as commander of the International Space station and noted that NASA rejected him for 14 years before they finally accepted him to fly two missions with spacewalks and the extended time as commander of the International Space Station. He now serves as VP and COO at Texas A&M in Galveston.The ISA Houston section with great delight awarded 6 high school students prizes for their science fair entries related to automation.

Location: George R. Brown Convention Center, Award Ceremony at Cullen Performance Hall at University of Houston

Date Occurred: Feb 22 to March 2, 2019