Benefits of becoming a Sponsor

ISA Houston Section is dedicated to provide our members and sponsors a positive experience. We know that our people are very busy, and time spent on anything other than family or work must be justifiable. 

ISA Houston Section is presenting a new sponsorship package for our partners for the 2019 year of activities. 

We will provide greater value for our partners as well as improve our overall customer experience. 

  • This package will be for one year and will be at our entry level 
  • Based on success, ISA Houston will create a three (3)-tier package – starting in 2020 

Overall, it is our desire to make your ISA experience enjoyable. A bundled package will give our partners more opportunity, and make it easier to budget for the coming year.

Section Sponsorship

ISA Houston will issue four (4) sponsorships for 2019. We intend to offer this package to a small initial group of valued partners. We will use this year to work with our partners and collect feedback on what makes sense for them. We’ll use this feedback to ensure that our 2020 Sponsorship Package is launched with strong partner input and guidance. 

Package Includes: 

  • Chili Cook Expo Table 11-7-19 
  • Cajun Cook Off Booth 3-5-20 
  • Golf Event – 2 Foursomes 
  • Golf Event – Hole Sponsorship 4-2-20 
  • Networking Event -Restaurant Venues Q3, Q4(2019) or Q1, Q2 (2020) 
  • Program Meeting Sponsorship 1 in 2019 or 2020 
  • Logo on ISA Houston Website all year 
  • Logo on ISA Houston Newsletter 10 issues, may include an educational issue 
  • Logo on ISA Houston LinkedIn 
  • Ala Cart Cost – $ 6,230.00 
  • A 22% Savings for everything

Why should you be an ISA Houston Section Sponsor? 

  1. Better Value for your ISA Sponsorship – You already participate with ISA. You already see the need to support our Automation & Process people in the Industry. You already see the need to support STEM students and career support for our members – Why not participate in our bundle and get a cost savings? 
  2. Quality Networking Opportunities – You may have been to our events before. Our board members work hard to put on a great event and ensure it is well attended. Engineers, Technicians and STEM Students all attend our Networking event – Use these events to promote your companies’ capabilities, market presence, and recruit top talent. 
  3. Increase Brand Awareness – Our Sponsors will get their logo on our Website, Newsletter, and posted on our LinkedIn Company Page. You will also get your logo presented at all Events and monthly program meetings – Our Members and Event Attendees will know your company. 
  4. Customer Appreciation Event – Our members enjoy our Quarterly Networking Events. We have received great feedback on these events and members see the value in networking and meeting people who are in the world of Automation, Process Control, and Cybersecurity – Sponsor one of these events and the section will share in the contacts database with your sponsorship
Become a Section Sponsor!

Our Section Sponsors

Event Sponsorships



The Expo & Chili Cook-Off is the Section’s largest scholarship fundraising event that draws a crowd of over 800 attendees. This event helps raise money for student scholarships that are awarded every year.

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Our golf events are very popular with vendors and end-users from across the industry. Join us and  spend a day networking & playoff golf all while raising funds for scholarships at Houston’s prestigious Kingwood!

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This Spring the ISA Houston Section will hold it 2nd annual Pipeline Cajun Cook Off & Table Top Show! This event is to help raise money for student scholarships that are awarded in June of every year.

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Our Training Sponsors