TS02E Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level II Exam Review Online E-Course

///TS02E Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level II Exam Review Online E-Course
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TS02E Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level II Exam Review Online E-Course

September 14, 2020 - December 19, 2020


Length : Online, self-paced course runs for thirteen (13) weeks. You will have access to 25 online modules, each taking approximately 60 minutes.

CEU Credits : 2.8

Course Hours :

Description: This is a fast-paced review of the knowledge and skills necessary for technicians with 7+ years of practical experience who are preparing to sit for the CCST Level II exam. An explanation of the requirements, examination process and practice certification-type exams are provided.

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requirements, examination process and practice certification-type exams are provided.

Certificate Program (if available)  Certified Control System Technician Certificate

You will be able to: 

  • Understand CCST program
  • Understand basic concepts of process control
  • Understand the use of instrument air and requirements
  • Understand P&ID documentation and symbology
  • Understand basic measurements
  • Understand how to use temperature instrumentation
  • Understand how to measure and regulate pressure and flow
  • Understand how to measure and regulate level
  • Understand how to use analyzers
  • Understand how to operate control systems safely
  • Understand new technologies in control systems and how numbering systems such as decimal, binary and hexadecimal are used
  • Understand basics of PLC and protocol requirements
  • Explain Fieldbus and Communications protocols used in control systems
  • Understand use of SCADA for control systems. Explain fiber optics options for control systems.
  • Understand process dynamics (response to change) in control systems
  • Understand how control actions affect functionality
  • Understand how to use proportional control actions
  • Understand objectives of tuning . Explain various tuning methods and identify when to use each.
  • Understand how manipulating variables effects output functions
  • Understand the need for and how to calibrate instruments
  • Learn to optimize instrument performance
  • Learn good maintenance practices for equipment and instruments
  • Learn to use network diagnostic tools
  • Learn to troubleshoot control system issues
  • Understand safety procedures for effective operations
  • Understand elements involved in control loop start up and tuning


You will cover:

Pre-Exam: Students are asked to take the pre-exam, which includes questions related to the subject matter areas.  Answers will be provided for students to assess their knowledge, prior to beginning the course material.
Module 1A:  Overview of CCST Program
Module 1B & 1C:  ISO 9000/Concepts of Process Control
Module 2:  Instrument Air
Module 3:  P&ID Basics

Module 4:  Basic Measuring Units
Module 5:  Instrument Fundamentals/Temperature
Module 6:  Pressure/Flow
Module 7:  Level
Module 8:  Analyzers & Final Control Elements
Module 9:  Safety & Electricity
Module 10:  Advancing Technologies & Numbering Systems
Module 11:  PLC Basics & Basic Requirements for Protocol
Module 12:  Fieldbus & Communications Protocol
Module 13:  Fiber Optics & SCADA
Module 14:  Process Dynamics
Module 15:  Control Action
Module 16:  PID
Module 17:  Tuning
Module 18:  Advanced Control Strategy
Module 19:  Calibration
Module 20:  Instrument Performance
Module 21:  Pressure Test/Calibration Equipment & Instrument Maintenance
Module 22:  Best Procedures for LANs & Troubleshooting w/ Statistics
Module 23:  Tools & DCS Troubleshooting
Module 24:  Hazardous Locations & Installation
Module 25:  Start Up & Loop Checking
Final Examination


Classroom Materials:

  • Course noteset with slides from course modules and course syllabus
  • CCST Level II Study Guide, ISA

To Register : https://www.isa.org/training-and-certification/isa-training/instructor-led/course-descriptions/ts02e



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