IC40E Batch Control Systems: Using the ANSI ISA88 Standards E-Course

///IC40E Batch Control Systems: Using the ANSI ISA88 Standards E-Course
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IC40E Batch Control Systems: Using the ANSI ISA88 Standards E-Course

September 28, 2020 - December 18, 2020


Length : 7 Weeks

CEU Credits : 2.1

Course Hours :

Description: This course presents an approach to developing functional requirements/specifications using the models and terminology defined in the ANSI/ISA88 batch control standards. A review of the characteristics of batch manufacturing systems is included. Participants will explore the ANSI/ISA88 concept that separates the recipe from the equipment. This course includes a methodology that defines an object approach based on ANSI/ISA88 that promotes the reuse of these objects from one project to the next.

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Certificate Program (if available)

You will be able to: 

·         Specify the requirements for a batch control system
·         Effectively structure and subdivide equipment entities
·         Define procedural elements that can be effectively used with the above equipment entities
·         Describe modes and states and how they are applied at the equipment level
·         Develop phase logic that executes in equipment and that can deal with both normal and abnormal operations
·         Recognize the various control languages that are available
·         Identify the alternative architectures for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), and PC-based control systems
·         Describe the interfaces that are needed between batch control and other systems within an enterprise


You will cover:

  • Pre-Exam: Students are asked to take the pre-exam, which includes questions related to the subject matter areas. Answers will be provided for students to assess their knowledge, prior to beginning the course material.
  • Module 1: Overview of ANSI/ISA 88
  • Module 2: Physical Model Part I
    Module 3: Physical Model Part II
  • Module 4: Physical Model Part III
    Module 5: Recipes Part I
  • Module 6: Recipes Part II
  • Module 7: Equipment Phase Logic
  • Module 8: Activity Model
  • Module 9: Designing Batch Systems
  • Module 10: ISA & Other Batch Standards
  • Final Examination

To Register : https://www.isa.org/training-and-certification/isa-training/instructor-led/course-descriptions/ic40e



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