What a thrill it was to sit in [May’s meeting at BP](/node/140) and hear **Randy Marek** discussing the high rate of passage of the CSE Exam each year here in Texas. His recommendations to each of us is to:

1. [Review the specification for the exam](http://cdn1.ncees.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Exam-specifications_PE-Control-Systems-Oct-2011.pdf)
2. [Prepare your study materials](http://www.isa.org/Template.cfm?Section=Books3&Template=/Ecommerce/ProductDisplay.cfm&ProductID=11677)
3. [Participate in study group](/node/156)

ISA Houston can help you in ALL of these areas. We have the [CSE Study groups](/node/156) starting soon (any member can sign up on our website) and we have the [CSE Review Exam](/node/148) in August at BP!

Have I said thank you to all the companies who have hosted the ISA Houston Section Meetings this year? My hat is off to our hosts including: **BP**, **Bechtel**, **Honeywell**, **KBR**, and **Jacobs** this year! We are fortunate to have such strong supporters of ISA!

Take a breath, get out your books and plan to join us for a summer of education and training. We aren’t taking the summer off, and we are here to support you!

*Best regards,*
![Ardis Bartle](/sites/default/files/styles/officer_photo/public/officers/ArdisBartle.png)
***Ardis Bartle***

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