With daylight saving time changing in March now, rather than April, it reminds us that we need to take those New Year’s Resolutions from January and actually put a plan together to accomplish our goals for 2013.

Is one of your goals to do more networking? What better place that on Friday April 12th at [ISA Houston Golf Tournament](/node/134) at Kingwood which starts at 12:30! Come over by yourself, and we will put you on a team!

Is one of your goals getting your PE license? Are you thinking about expanding your skills? ISA Houston is gearing up our education series this summer with both CSE Review Exam training and the new [ISA Technician Training Boot Camp](http://www.isa.org/HoustonTTC2013) (not just for technicians) where over 75% of your time will be spent on equipment labs!

ISA Houston has lots of ways to help you meet your resolutions and be a part of fun team! Keep your eye on us!

![Ardis Bartle](/sites/default/files/styles/officer_photo/public/officers/ArdisBartle.png)
***Ardis Bartle***

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