My name is Sohail and I am thrilled to take over the reins of a section that serves the fastest most dynamic economy in the nation. I work for Honeywell and have been in the automation industry for almost ten years now. During this time I have lived and worked in five different countries but no where have I seen diversity such as you find here. Neither has any place been so economically charged as Houston. Our oil and gas job market grew by 56% over the same period last year, which means lot more young professionals joining our strong automation community.

We develop our calendar with these statistics in mind. Our program for the year is geared around the applications of the ISA standards and the challenges in those applications. We have a team of subject matter experts sharing their knowledge and experience. September sees the coverage of ISA 95, a presentation by Don Clark to be held at the KBR offices at 1080 Eldridge Parkway.

We also kicked off the PE Exam Study group last week. While the details of the program can be found at our website, I am pleased to let you know that 85% of the participants in the program last year passed their exam. As always, the program is limited to ISA members and is offered at no cost.
Alongside the technical development, the section gives equal respect to the importance of helping the young professionals grow their network. We continue to hold quarterly networking events on the last Thursday of the quarter. Our website will post the details of the August event, stay tuned!
One of the section favorites, our networking event, comes back on September 18, same time same place at the Fox and the Hound. Be sure to show up and have a beer with us.

Our Chili Cook Off returns as the premier industry expo in the Houston area on November 13, 2014. Be sure to mark your calendars and drop by to judge the best chili in the Houston Automation industry.

The section’s commitment to Scholarships remain strong, with a 25% increase in this year’s budget to total scholarship allocations, we need your help to make our Chili Cook Off and Golf Tournaments an even bigger success.

Finally, if you wish to get involved with the section, please feel free to drop a note to anyone of the board members, there is plenty you can do, and speaking from personal experience, there is plenty you will learn!

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