The excitement at the ISA Houston Section never ends, in fact, it only gets better.
We had over 50 people show up at the networking event in January, that despite the thunderous rain! You told us you want the venue to be changed, and we heard you, loud and clear. Let me know where you would want it to be hosted, post on our Facebook page, or LinkedIn page. Last Thursday of April would be the next time the networking event will come back.

We launch our scholarship program this week, with a deadline of April 1st. You know someone that you think deserves to be helped through college, feel free to forward them the brochure posted on our website. We are planning on giving out a record number of scholarships this year.

Our golf tournament proceeds as per plan on Friday, April 10, 2015. If you have not booked your team yet, you are still in time, barely though. There are a handful of spots left, go ahead, be that early bird, book it now!

Of course, March would be the month when our Pipeline subsection hosts the Annual Scholarship Shrimp Boil. If you haven’t been to it before, well, now would be the time to right that wrong. All the Saint Arnold beer you can drink, and Louisiana Shrimp, boiled to perfection!

Stay in tuned, and as always, if you want to get involved with the section, get in touch, there is plenty you can do, and we always need you!

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