In recent months I have had countless conversations with engineers and technicians who have asked my opinion about the state of the oil and natural gas business . While the current economic situation has adversely impacted jobs and careers. I believe the picture is not nearly as bleak as has sometimes been reported in the press. Indeed, I see many positive signs.

In my career, I have witnessed more than one market decline. Consistently, it has been the underlying commitment and networking of members like in ISA Houston which have acted as stabilizing forces. While I like to think I an optimist, I am also encouraged by several things that I have observed this past year. Companies have started drilling in West Texas, and Equity investment firms have stepped in and picked up distressed producers and midstream companies.

Each correction in the oil and gas market will yield positive results for Houston market and our ISA Members. I continue to encourage ISA members to network with other members, participate in our ongoing education program (be it our free Wednesday night training at AMEC or ISA provided format). Our most recent August meeting at HESS contained over 55+ members who were interested in furthering their own careers during this trying time.

So, when things appear difficult, I recommend taking a deep breath. Whether its YOGA or Business Meeting, consider taking a breath and reorient your response.

See you at our meeting at KBR in September!

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