As we go into the Fall, this President is looking closely at the future and that past.

I see the future of the Houston ISA organization as a continuing effort to develop new Leaders for our the ISA Board, their companies and other groups they are involved with. The Houston ISA Section takes developing leaders seriously, and our methodology is a both a career tool, as well as an opportunity for those members willing to step up. One of those opportunities is to serve on a Social Media Task Force, where we are looking for younger members to serve on best way to use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other media to reach out to our members. If you have an interest serving, email me at

The challenge getting ready for the Texas PE Exam in October is a stressful time. ISA Houston is starting our study groups for PE Exam August 24th. If you are an ISA member (or planning to join) and want to get ready for the exam, join us at Phoenix Contact. If you want to learn more, then come! We would love to have you! Additional information to sign up is on the website.

Its important to recognize the past, and those leaders that have been with us for years should be recognized. The. Houston Section will be reaching out to our 10+, 15+, 25+ year members over the next year and recognizing them for their service at our meetings.

Finally, Summer is a good time of year to unwind before the fall season. Look at one thing you want to accomplish in the Fall, write it down, put on your refrigerator door, and see if by Christmas you have accomplished it. Its amazing how looking at that one note on your fridge each day motivates you to getting it done!

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