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2017 15th Annual ISA Houston Section Expo & Chili Cook Off

November 9, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Who's Attending

37 people are attending 2017 15th Annual ISA Houston Section Expo & Chili Cook Off

  • Jennifer Halsey
  • Jack Guidry
  • Darren Webster
  • angela Wesley
  • Chris Gurka
  • Lina Solorzano
  • Eric Marquez
  • Jean Blumenthal
  • Beth McCracken
  • Nhi Sung
  • Wayne Thorwegen
  • Michael Austin
  • Kristina Zepeda
  • Alan Bryant
  • Gary Grauerholz
  • Kathryn Poston
  • George Ikonomou
  • Anna Ovalle
  • S Olley
  • Nicole Pringal
  • Lisa Weeks
  • Lonna McHugh
  • Rocky Marlatt
  • Kristin Evans
  • Ben Murrill
  • Malinda McCrary
  • Wendy Buskop
  • Chris Norman
  • Patti Gallardo
  • BM Watkins
  • Travis Haschke
  • Greg Hume
  • Daniel Carpenter
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Bring your Company to the 15th Annual ISA Houston Section Expo & Chili Cook Off and utilize this fall event to:

• Showcase your products and services
• Get exposure to over 2,000 attendees
• Network with industry peers and meet potential customers
• Learn about automation’s new trends in a warm friendly environment
• Enjoy and judge the best chili in the Houston oil & gas industry
• Show your festive side, dress in your favorite cowboy boots, hats if you want
• Organize a team building experience for your employees
• Proceeds go towards the college scholarships program of the ISA Houston Section

Early Bird Rates available until April 21, 2017! Every sponsorship gets $200 off the designated price.

Note: Participation in the Chili Cook Off is not mandatory, but customers will be looking for something to eat!


General Instructions:

  • Be sure to bring your own extension cords, if warm weather, bring your own fans, coolers etc. Bring your own bowls, napkins, spoons, chili condiments (cheese, corn chips and jalapenos, onions, etc.).
  • A company team of two or more are encouraged to participate in order to work your booth.
  • Not all teams are required to cook. We will provide soft drinks & water, beer, tables for the tabletop displays.
  • The cook off teams are encouraged to prepare as much of the chili as possible ahead of time and bring all items needed to heat the chili on site.
  • Electricity is supplied for warming and serving inside at your exhibit table. Max electrical supply is one outlet at 120VAC, 20 amps per table.
  • Propane cookers will not be allowed.
  • If you like you can make some additional vegetarian chili for our vegetarian friends in the industry.
  • Most teams prepare chili the day prior and bring their own electric pots and extension cords for indoor cooking and warming.
  • Bring all meat, beef, condiments, onion, cheese, crackers and any ingredients needed to cook and present the chili.
  • Be prepared to cook about 5 gallons of chili.
  • The indoor serving container needs to be able to hold at least 1 to 2 gallons of chili you can bring an additional electric pot to prepare and heat the rest of the chili.
  • Max electrical power we can provide is one outlet per table at 120VAC and 20 amps max!
  • Note: Attendance is open to anyone in the industry.
  • We will set up an RSVP site for your customers and coworkers in the industry to attend at the houstonisa.wpengine.com website by October.
  • Pop up Tents: are not allowed unless you purchase back to back tables, not side by side. The only exception is any table in the dirt arena.
  • The Fire Marshall requires that all walkways be clear and that was an issue last year.
  • There will be a people’s choice and judge’s choice for best theme for each company display! So have fun with your team being creative!
  • Arena Trailer Truck Display additional information required: We are extending the option of bringing your company’s Trailer-Truck Displays.
  • These displays will be set up in the main south arena of the Houston Farm and Ranch.
  • We need to collect additional information from each Arena Sponsor to ensure the best set up for your display.
  • Please take some time to gather all information for the specification requirements.
  • Also send photos with the display set up and sides extended if that is required for the display so we know what to expect.
  • What are the max dimensions of your trailer display, especially the width with portions that come out from the sides, including if you have any entrance or exit stairways?
  • If you can use external power, our standard outlets are 120VAC and 20 amps max per outlet. This is the max we can provide!
  • Does your display have a generator built in?
    • If yes, what is the location of the exhaust for the motor that powers the generator?
  • Arena Sponsors please understand that displays, with a generator running, we will have to allocate in the south open end area of arena with only the tail end of trailer under the arena cover due to fire codes and fire marshal rules so exhaust cannot be on the end of the display.
  • Area Dirt Display additional information required:
    • We need to know the size of the display to allocate enough space for walkways, etc. Height is not the issue, we need width & depth. What you are paying for is basically a 10 ft deep X 20 ft. wide space, if larger than that, then we need to discuss the price to display.
    • If possible send photo of display so we can see what will be built.
    • No stakes or digging into the dirt as there are electrical & water lines very close to the surface.


Amanda Hardy


The Oil Ranch
23501 Macedonia
Hockey, TX 77477 United States

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