What inspires you?

For those who know me, my inspiration has come from looking at art galleries, museums, art fairs and visit to art studios.  This last year, I have found new inspiration in my activities with the Houston ISA Section.  I am inspired by:

  • Intensity of the students in the CSE PE Study group – I continued to be inspired by the intelligence, clear-headiness and sharpness in my classroom, regardless of age, both young and old, and their forthright determination to pass the Texas October PE Exam
  • The number of scholarship awards the Houston ISA Section gave out in June 2016.  I am inspired by the 50 students who were college bound and ready to take their next step, so hopeful, so prepared.
  • The dedication of the Houston ISA Section Board Member – I am inspired each month with all the volunteer board members who are the up and coming leaders of the Houston, both in ISA and their companies and communities to keep the vision of ISA in their sites each day.

Inspiration takes many forms as we get older. Take a breath.  Look around and see what inspires you.  You might be surprised!

Best regards,

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