The United States. recently remembered the Bombing of Pearl Harbor by honoring those who gave their lives in service our country. Houston ISA has embarked on a six month challenge to honor hundreds of our Houston Members who have service of 10+, 15+, 25+, 40+ and 50+ years of service. At the December meeting at Fluor’s offices in Sugarland, we honored our first group of members, and one time, we had five (5) members with 40+ years of experience representing over 200+ years of experience in ISA Service. These member contributed to mentoring the next generation of engineers, hiring the next generation of engineers, writing standards, creating technology and providing expertise in their specialized fields. Each one shared their reasons behind being a part of ISA, and what ISA meant to them. We will attempt to share these over time on our website, and we hope that each of you will be joining us in February meeting at Hess to participate in honoring our next team.

Christmas is around the corner, and many of us are overwhelmed with details. Take a breath, breathe.

Happy Holidays to all and thank you for your service!

Merry Christmas

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