Dear Houston ISA Members:

In an ever changing job market, I have been amazed at the impact the Houston ISA Section has on the lives of our members. I have been humbled by the Houston ISA Award Winners that attended our November meeting. We honored over 20+ individuals with 10+, 15+, 25+, 40+ and 50+ years of continuous service. Would you believe our largest group represented in November was those members with over 50+ years of experience? The recurring theme I head from honorees was the value that networking, brotherhood, resources, sharing knowledge and talent base of ISA strengthened their professional expertise. Training, study groups, standard groups and ISA meeting are the glue that brought value to each of these members.

Mary Cannon, Schneider Electric said it best – her relationship and continuous involvement with Houston ISA Section has been the key to her ability to find another work opportunity in a challenging market. If you have not checked out the Houston Section in a white, take a breath, look at our calendar, and see if this is a place for you to be!

Best regards,

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